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Relax day

The hungover day always sucks, but we didn’t want to waste the day and the very good weather, so we went out in the city to hang out, did a bit of shopping and then went with a boat on a canal. On the watee, turned out to be much more fun and cool than […]

1st of May

Easter this year is celebrated on the first day of May, which also is known as “Work Day”, and we cheered both holidays properly. A long way to the church, made our staying there much more enjoyable, checking off every planned thing. A nice early meal started a very cool long day, which continued with a […]

Being hungover sucks

After almost each good party, the following day is spent struggling with eliminating all of the toxins from the body and restoring all the systems. This was the case today, but I don’t regret anything and that’s the coolest thing.

Escapade ended

My escapade of one week in Germany unfortunately ended  … time flew so fast. Had lots of fun and lots of cool moments. I LOVE MY FAMILY!

First (in)dependent day

Today was the start of a short period during which life will seem different, and I hope it won’t get too hard, too quickly. The first day went well and I realised that the most important things are to always keep calm and be positive. It can turn out to be very good in the end, but we’ll […]

Christmas mood 3

With the first Christmas movie of this year, “A Christmas Star” (2015) watched, with a new computer Christmas wallpaper and Michael Buble’s “Christmas” album in my iTunes library, Christmas starts to settle in.

Christmas mood 2

   Changed my iPhone wallpaper once again and even though I have bought many Christmas gifts, the Christmas atmosphere is not here, at least not yet.  I’ll start watching some Christmas movies hoping that it will come asap.