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“Birdman” (2014) – REVIEW

At Oscars 2015, “Birdman” was chosen the best movie of 2014 and since I have not yet seen it, there wasn’t a better time as the day after that. I liked it but also kind of hated it. I like when movies are mysterious, but I like it even more when everything comes to a logical […]

“The Circle” – “A horror to learn from”

It’s scary how this movie is portraying our real world and the continuous decrease of privacy. It’s even scarier people’s reaction of embracing this new always-connected online world and even cheering for it. We always think that our online profiles make us who we are, make us somebody in this world and undoubtedly, social networks […]

This one’s for my cousin

Cars has been around basically all of his childhood and I kind of envy him for growing up with it. He has seen the first movie countless times when he was just a little kid, and Lightning McQueen quickly became a big part in his life. From toys, to clothes, to mugs and bed sheets, it was […]

Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016) – Thoughts

Undoubtedly the best Kung Fu Panda movie yet, it is awesome and made me think more about the “chi”- what does it represent and how important it is.

“Star Wars” – The Beginning

My first Star Wars movie ever watched was  “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” (2015) back in January, when it was released. It is one of my all-time wishes to finally see and understand what is the Star Wars saga all about, so now my wish is slowly becoming reality. I had only one attempt of […]

Batman vs Superman – disappointed

The “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie left me disappointed and somehow shocked. All the Batman movies were amazing and the “Man of Steel” was enjoyable as well, so a combination of these two heroes would seem to be nothing less than pure awesomeness. Unfortunately it wasn’t the case, as I’ve spent most of the time watching […]

“Belle” (2013) – Thoughts

“Belle” is an astonishing movie which emphasises on the cruel world that we live in. Society was sick in some aspects, and still unfortunately is. Racism is primordial in the basic understanding of human life with all of its rights and obligations, and in an intelligent respectful society, it doesn’t have place. I respect every […]