Best Movies of 2015 (The MariusDanis)

TheMariusDanis2015 was full of wonderful movies, yet many of them didn’t get the attention and the treatment they deserved from the Academy, at least in my opinion. A top 10 list of movies was carefully chosen by me from the 70+ movies watched, as these movies filled a big part of my imagination and thoughts in 2015.


10. Self/less

10 - Selfless [md]“Self/less” was a very pleasant surprise. A strong story, beautiful visual effects and a talented cast make it one of the best movies of 2015. The plot was quite predictable but the idea itself (having the ability to be immortal by entering other bodies) makes us think about how we live our lives. I would watch many more times.


9. Spotlight

9 - Spotlight [md]Spotlight already won the Oscar for “The Best Picture” this year, but in my list it is only on the ninth place. The story is deep and should make us concerned about the world we live in. It is captured in a very special but certainly not unique way which shows the many sides of an investigation with its ups and downs. The movie looks very cool and the set represents perfectly the time in which the events take place, but it is way too long. Even though it is very unpredictable (which is a good thing), I still got tired of watching it at some point. I will definitely won’t watch it anytime soon.


8. Straight Outta Compton

8 - Straight Outta Compton [md]“Straight Outta Compton” shows that rappers don’t always sing with hatred because it’s cool or because it sells. It shows how ugly can racism be as well as how mean can people be towards each other, no matter how many things do they have in common. Speaking our mind is a very important part of our freedom and it is what make us human, so either through poetry or songs, saying what bothers us will have a huge impact either way. This movie showed me how rappers had to struggle a long time ago and how much work and effort goes into a song. I’ve learned so many things from this movie and it made me understand what many songs were really about.


7. Room

7 -  Room [md]Room is a very touching movie which not only teaches us to appreciate, admire and love the world and all of its beauties and wonders, but also to reassess what do we consider really important in our lives. Family and the closest friends should be on the first list whom we always have to be grateful to, and show the appreciation in every second of the day. Most of the times, a problem or what seems to be a bad thing, in light of other events (like being locked in a room for the whole life) seems a complete waste of time, that’s why we should enjoy fully what we love. Brie Larson was amazing, she definitely deserves her Oscar for “The Best Actress in Leading Role”. I’ve waited quite a while to see this movie and it was a delight. I was impressed with the plot, the actors and most of all with the atmosphere that the movie created, it all felt natural and real.


6.  Terminator : Genisys6 - Terminator Genisys [md]The best Terminator movie yet really impressed me with its special effects and really confused me with its story. It also introduced me to Emily Clarke, a brilliant actress which looks hot at times. We have to be careful though, we don’t want to let our technologies become a real Skynet. Never.


5. Jurassic World

5 - Jurassic World [md]Jurassic World was the biggest surprise for me this year. I have never seen a movie set in the Jurassic theme before, so this one was, simply put – amazing. The main actor really impressed me and the story is satisfying. The special effects were, as expected, extraordinary, over fulfilling my desires. Overall the vibe that it gave me after watching the movie, which was really special, was the best thing in it – making me believe in the impossible and running my imagination wild.


4. The Age of Adaline

4 - The Age of Adaline [md] A very romantic movie which proves that having super abilities – like never getting old – will make some of the most desired wishes come true: always look beautiful and have a young body, but over the time, never getting old gets tiring and a normal life is wanted again. This is the case of Adaline, the main protagonist in “The Age of Adaline”, a movie which softened me, teaching me yet again that if I feel comfortable in my body and understand what is and isn’t in my powers, my mind will be at peace and I will accept the fact that some things are not meant to be changed – like ageing. Great cast, great plot, great visual effects, one of the must-see movies of this year and I can not wait to see it again.


3. Inside Out

3 - Inside Out [md]The best Animated Movie of 2015 which also won the Oscar (like I predicted), “Inside Out” was a big delight to watch. It is funny and brilliantly crafted. The moods that control the minds of the people in the movie behave exactly like the real people, which made me wonder if it really is just fiction. Great story, amazing animation and the interpretation of the idea was simply awesome. A must-see movie for kids and I myself would watch it again with pleasure.


2. Spectre

2 - Spectre [md]“Spectre” is my most watched movie of 2015. I have seen it three times already, and I loved it every time. James Bond is one of my favourite characters of all time, I admire him a lot, and this movie managed to capture his amazing personality and abilities brilliantly. The story turned out to be much more complex that I’ve anticipated, but a great spy movie always needs one. Action, suspense, drama, comedy, “Spectre” seems to have it all and in my opinion it is the greatest James Bond movie yet(in which James Bond was played by Daniel Craig). I have to be honest though, there are some moments in this movie where it lacks action or excitement, where everything is very predictable and I want to get over it as fast as possible. Being second on my list, “Spectre” displayed one of the greatest role models and heroes superbly.


1. The Walk

1 - The Walk [md]

The best movie of 2015 is “The Walk”. This movie is a masterpiece. It contains everything you would expect and more – stunning visual effects, great talented cast, amazing plot and most importantly the idea and the message that it gets through – “Nothing is impossible” and “Follow your dreams” makes it not only the best movie that I’ve see in 2015, but also in the recent 2-3 years. The hype is present throughout the movie and the intensity of the suspense reaches record heights. This piece of art clears out the mind and a beautiful silence gets settled: Life seems like this thin wire – if you walk on it proudly yet carefully and respect and understand everything that might cause you trouble, if you keep the balance in every situation, you will get to the other end and you will enjoy every step of the way. It points out humanity’s great achievements and builds on the idea of seeing the beauty in every little thing. I loved this movie, would recommend it to anyone. This is a must-watch.


Preparing for the Oscars

If these movies weren’t nominated for the Oscars, I have to be honest, it is very unlikely that I would have ever watched them. Anyways, there is only one more to go to complete the list for the “Best Picture” award and after that I would give my impressions and opinions about the nominees, predictions and my own list of the best movies of 2015.

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Snowpiercer (2013) – Impressions

Snowpiercer Wallpaper

It’s been a while since I had a post about a movie, but “Snowpiercer” has been in my drafts since I watched it for the first time which was probably in 2014.

Now, that I have watched it for the second time, I can truly say that it is a good movie based on a very interesting idea with firm understandings of reality, even if it finds itself in the fantasy genre.

The movie kept me intrigued for most of its duration, but I will not watch it again anytime soon. It’s one of the “once seen is enough” movies in my opinion, but this doesn’t take it from the “should watch” category.

I enjoyed watching “Snowpiercer” and I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

Spectre (2015) – Thoughts

Spectre 3

I have just returned from the cinema where I watched the newest James Bond movie, “Spectre”. It is awesome. I enjoyed it a lot. Drama, action and a few funny moments alongside the stunning visual effects made “Spectre” the best James Bond movie ever. Léa Seydoux pleasantly surprised me with her appearance, she looks beautiful throughout the whole movie. I recommend everyone to watch this movie, preferably in a cinema. It left me with a very good feeling about myself and with the thought that I can do the impossible. James Bond really inspires me. Double o seven is the best!