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Less music

I’ve lost my Apple earpods two days ago (or at least I can not find them anywhere) and as I ride my bike everywhere, I kind of miss music on the road. I’ll get a new pair at some point, but for now I think I’m better without. A break from music, especially on the […]

Me, myself & I

One of the coolest song from G-Eazy’s newest album – “When it’s dark out”. I kind of relate to it right now … I’ve got to remain myself under any circumstances.


I’ve got a little bit of fever right now, but this song is very cool.

Demi Lovato – “Stone cold”

I hope our relationship will get much better, as of now it is unfortunately “Stone Cold”. I didn’t really like the song when I listened to it for the first time, but now I adore it. It really is a special song and brings out Demi’s voice to its best.

Adele – “I miss you”

This song is so beautiful, it just has it all. I love it. It is also one of the best songs from Adele’s new album, “25” and I am relating to it so much right now. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any link to the song on the internet.

Beautiful new song by Adele

Her voice is amazing and this new song, “When we were young” is stunning. It will definitely be a hit on the radio in a couple of weeks. I like it.

Stunning song

Kind of relating to it right now.