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World Cup 2018 – The Final

So, since my previous post about the World Cup, a few things have happened. The semi-finals were played, and to the whole world’s surprise, the big final will not be played by neither England or Belgium. Instead, it was the match decided the third and the fourth place today and it was Belgium who were […]

One of the saddest day in my life.

Today, Cristiano Ronaldo finalized his transfer to this bullshit team called Juventus from Italy, who have been winning their domestic title for many many years consecutively. I fucking hate this shit. Fuck this, fuck Juventus, Cristiano will still be the best player ever for me, I will still cheer his goals, but I will not […]

Weakest World Cup?

Let’s start by saying that many really good teams like Italy and the Netherlands didn’t even make it to Russia this year. USA, Chile, Romania and a few other good teams were replaced by the likes of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Peru, Tunisia, Panama and others, teams that are not known for being good at football […]

World Cup 2018

The first match of the 2018 World cup has taken place today, with Russia winning 5-0 against S. Arabia. I didn’t watch the full ceremony before the game, but I did enjoy the full 90 minutes played. Russia appeared to be much stronger than the opposition right from the start, and the result is fully […]

Adidas Tubular Shadow (Sneaker Review)

Shoes are just pieces of apparel and I have never given them much importance or attention since I was a little kid. This changed when I found myself in Foot Locker one day, not looking for anything in particular and saw these very cool looking shoes. I tried them on and instantly, compared to the […]

TRANSFERS: Welcome Matic!

Nemanja Matić has signed for United at the end of July, and now that almost a month has passed, he has already shown why was he so appreciated at Chelsea and why Mourinho wanted him so much. €44,70M were paid and he’s 29, and that shows how good of a player he really is. I hope […]

“Fuck Floyd” Remix

The beat is awesome and the words are even better. Conor McGregor: FOCK FLOYD!