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Adidas Tubular Shadow (Sneaker Review)

Shoes are just pieces of apparel and I have never given them much importance or attention since I was a little kid. This changed when I found myself in Foot Locker one day, not looking for anything in particular and saw these very cool looking shoes. I tried them on and instantly, compared to the […]

TRANSFERS: Welcome Matic!

Nemanja Matić has signed for United at the end of July, and now that almost a month has passed, he has already shown why was he so appreciated at Chelsea and why Mourinho wanted him so much. €44,70M were paid and he’s 29, and that shows how good of a player he really is. I hope […]

“Fuck Floyd” Remix

The beat is awesome and the words are even better. Conor McGregor: FOCK FLOYD!

TODAY: Mayweather vs McGregor

This video shows exactly what I fear the most about tonight’s super fight. I hope it won’t be anything like it and that we get the show we deserve and the show that is within these both fighters. I’m on team McGregor and I hope he gets it over with, asap. Again, the song that […]


I have only talked about transfers in which two of my favorite clubs are involved: Real Madrid and Manchester United. For about a week, what started just like some rumors, which I thought at the time would end up with a new contract for Neymar, has indeed come true, and I am shocked. First of […]

Mayweather vs McGregor: Less than a month

Less than a month is left until one of the biggest and most anticipated fights of our time will happen, and until then, we can just watch both fighters’ previous bouts and hope and wait for a never-before-seen boxing match. The world tour, I’m sure, got everyone super juiced up for the upcoming clash, but, […]


Danilo Luiz Da Silva was, alongside Fábio Coentrão (who has been already loaned out this season), one of the weakest full-backs that Real Madrid has ever had, in my opinion. He was terrible in defense and half-good in attacks. The thing that annoyed me the most though, was that when he played, he made me […]