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One of the saddest day in my life.

Today, Cristiano Ronaldo finalized his transfer to this bullshit team called Juventus from Italy, who have been winning their domestic title for many many years consecutively. I fucking hate this shit. Fuck this, fuck Juventus, Cristiano will still be the best player ever for me, I will still cheer his goals, but I will not […]

Real Madrid in the UCL 2015/16 Final

Real Madrid got passed Manchester City in the Uefa Champions League and got a place in the final, which they will dispute against Atletico Madrid. I’ll have a lot of patience until the final (which will be played on the 28th of May), because Real Madrid has to improve their game by a lot to […]

Atletico is through

Atletico Madrid got passed PSV Eindhoven in Uefa Champions League in one of the most boring matches ever, which ended up at penalties. I had a feeling of disgust and anger throughout the game when I saw how were the teams playing. I understand that being cautious at this level of the competition is vital, but […]

Real Madrid won!

Real Madrid are through in the Champions League after a 2-0 win at home against AS Roma (4-0 on aggregate), and I couldn’t be happier. The match wasn’t that spectacular, but the result is great. Can’t wait to see who will Real Madrid face in the next stage, but I am confident that they will […]

Projector at home

To have a projector at home will always be very cool, however, like with all the good things, at one point they get tiring, boring or both. I’ve watched football and a lot of tv shows for the past three days and apart from the fact that the screen is as large as my wall […]

UCL is here!

I have been waiting for it for so long. PSG won Chelsea 2-1 in the tonight’s watched fixture of Uefa Champions League. Expected more from both of the teams, I don’t even know what’ll happen in the next match between them. Hopefully it won’t be as boring as this one.

Not in the final.

Real Madrid draw Juventus in the second leg of the semi-final in Uefa Champions League and I’m pissed that Bale didn’t take his fucking  chances. It was a good match, Real Madrid played well … yet Benzema and Bale didn’t give their best. Fuck this.