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It’s over.

World Cup 2014 is over. It was a exciting yet very strange competition. It started with an own Brazilian Goal. It continued with spectacular yet shocking matches: Netherlands – Spain: 5-1 Germany – Portugal: 4-0 Very strong countries which were seen by many as favorites were eliminated as early as the group stage: England, Portugal, […]


So my prognostic for the World Cup final was wrong. Brazil won’t be in it, but I hope that The Netherlands will.

2nd World Cup semi-final:

I’m so ready for it. Go Netherlands!

Wtf is going on?

Brazil is losing 5-0. F this.

Referee not neutral.

The referees are favoring Argentina against Belgium and they make it so obvious, it just makes me sick.

World cup final

It’s interesting to see which teams will be in the great final: Brazil – Argentina or Brazil – Netherlands I hope and believe that it will be played by Brazil and Netherlands.

Argentina – Belgium just started

Go Belgium!!!