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Snooker vs Pool

Today I’ve played snooker for about an hour and then, frustrated because I didn’t pot as many balls as I wanted, went to the pool table in the hope that it would satisfy my wish of playing billiard. The table is so small and low compared to the Snooker table that for the majority of […]

Mark Selby – World Champion

Mark Selby, who apparently is from Leicester, won the 2016 World Snooker Championship in the same day with Leicester City, which shockingly won the English Premiere League. I’ve predicted that the final would be disputed between Selby and Ding, but I could have not guessed who would win it before actually seeing how are the performing […]

Played Snooker

With the World Snooker Championship going on every day, I had a big wish to play some snooker so me and a friend of mine went out and did just that. We went to a new place this time and it was spot on. The place is cool, not expensive, but a little bit further […]

Big Snooker Disappointment

Ronnie O’Sullivan left the World Snooker Championship this evening, after losing to himself in my opinion in the 1/8 stage match against Barry Hawkins. Barry played very well, which ultimately made him win the final frame of the match, but I expected much more in it from Ronnie, who had a tough but very good […]

Snooker Match

In the last 7 weeks me and a friend of mine played 8-ball pool once a week. This week, it was time to step-up our game, so we decided to play Snooker. To my surprise I had a very decent game of snooker even though my highest break was around 15, it was a delight […]

Delightful Snooker Weekend

It was a pleasure to watch snooker in the past two days with my favorite snooker player coming on top in the end. On Saturday afternoon I’ve watched Neil Robertson getting passed the semi-final, and in the evening Ronnie’s phenomenal snooker which also got him in the final. On Sunday afternoon, the game was kind […]