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Fifa 17 manager talk

So manager mode in FIFA is one of the most enjoyable game modes ever, and now that I might have the opportunity to dive into FIFA 17’s manager mode, I must think about a club that will be appropriate. So what I like to do is to take weaker teams from different countries and make […]

Watch Dogs 2 – REVIEW

It took me 28 hours to finish the main story and to complete 83% of the game. Today, I ended Watch Dogs 2, a game which turned out to be much more awesome than I expected. After being bored to death in the first Watch Dogs, mainly because of all the side missions that seemed […]

My first video on my new YouTube Channel!

Follow me on Twitter

I have started to update my Twitter much more frequently than before, as I find it is easier for me to express my thoughts in a quick 140 tweet, which is both faster and more convenient than to update my blog with a full-featured post. So, who wants to stay updated, come follow me: HERE!

2 years of WordPress!

It’s been 2 years since¬†Wordpress became my main and only major platform of sharing my thoughts and feelings with the world. Although I have the domain since 2011, only in 2014 I decided to use it more intensively, this is what I said at that time: click here. 2 years later, I have changed the […]

Time beats anything

The whole day was spent trying to fix my MacBook, which for some time now, makes a very loud weird noise, coming from one of its fans. I went out to an Apple Retailer¬†store in the hope of cleaning it of dust right then and there (like many people did from what I read in […]

SaTechDay: Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 was revealed two days ago, I’ve only seen it yesterday, and decided to talk about it today. First of all, I’ve got to say that I’m not a big Tesla fan. Even though I like their cars a lot and I would love someday to own one, the fact that they don’t […]