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Best 2017 Applications for Macintosh

I have been a Macintosh user for more than two and a half years and the experience varied at times, due to some hardware problems, but overall, I can say that I’m pretty happy with my switch. I’ve tested out many applications over the years, which either increased my productivity or won me time by […]

Time beats anything

The whole day was spent trying to fix my MacBook, which for some time now, makes a very loud weird noise, coming from one of its fans. I went out to an Apple Retailer store in the hope of cleaning it of dust right then and there (like many people did from what I read in […]

SaTechDay: Apple March 2016 Keynote

Apple will hold their Keynote on Monday, March 21 and I am pretty excited. From all the read rumours about the upcoming new products, I hope that the ones about new MacBooks and MacBooks Pro turn out to be true. The iPhone SE sounds cool in theory, I know some people who don’t really like […]

Sleepy Day

An unusual day as it turned out to be in the end, I spent most of it in the bed, only to find myself in the evening writing code in html for the longest time ever so far. It’s not that hard now, it’s just a lot to do. I’ve also tried out the “Sublime Text” […]

First Keynote

Today I’ve made my first presentation using Apple’s Keynote application on my Mac. I’ve had it ever since I’ve got my Mac, but never created a full presentation with it. Most of the time I was either doing it in Powerpoint, because I assumed it was faster or because I edited an already existing presentation. […]

New Space Wallpaper

I like to change my wallpapers pretty often as I get quickly bored or tired of one specific look. It gives freshness and sparkles some more creativity in me.

New YouTube

The videos look a lot better with youtube’s new video interface and I am liking it a lot so far. Videos are easier to watch and the new look is much more pleasant.