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Best 2017 Applications for Macintosh

I have been a Macintosh user for more than two and a half years and the experience varied at times, due to some hardware problems, but overall, I can say that I’m pretty happy with my switch. I’ve tested out many applications over the years, which either increased my productivity or won me time by […]

Follow me on Twitter

I have started to update my Twitter much more frequently than before, as I find it is easier for me to express my thoughts in a quick 140 tweet, which is both faster and more convenient than to update my blog with a full-featured post. So, who wants to stay updated, come follow me: HERE!

2 years of WordPress!

It’s been 2 years since Wordpress became my main and only major platform of sharing my thoughts and feelings with the world. Although I have the domain since 2011, only in 2014 I decided to use it more intensively, this is what I said at that time: click here. 2 years later, I have changed the […]

SaTechDay: A new blog look

Spent a lot of time looking for a fresh new look to my blog. This is the one that satisfied me the most so far, but I will undoubtedly look more. If I won’t find anything, I will spend some time refining this one. I also had this one for some hours, but I ended up […]

Big Start!

<body> <h1>Today was a huge day and it should be marked in the calendar! </h1> <p>Today I started to learn html and created my first website. It clearly looks very very simple with only the most basic tags on it, but I have got to say that I’ve enjoyed creating it.</p> <h2>For this occasion, my […]

Follow me on Pinterest!

The most recent watched movies, the latest updates to my music library as well as other topics are all on my Pinterest profile. Check out my profile by clicking this.

Massive Update

My blog just got a massive update, with a whole new look and a new feel to it. I’m really excited and I am going to blog a lot more from now on.