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SaTechDay: Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 was revealed two days ago, I’ve only seen it yesterday, and decided to talk about it today. First of all, I’ve got to say that I’m not a big Tesla fan. Even though I like their cars a lot and I would love someday to own one, the fact that they don’t […]

SaTechDay: Apple March 2016 Keynote

Apple will hold their Keynote on Monday, March 21 and I am pretty excited. From all the read rumours about the upcoming new products, I hope that the ones about new MacBooks and MacBooks Pro turn out to be true. The iPhone SE sounds cool in theory, I know some people who don’t really like […]

SaTechDay: A new blog look

Spent a lot of time looking for a fresh new look to my blog. This is the one that satisfied me the most so far, but I will undoubtedly look more. If I won’t find anything, I will spend some time refining this one. I also had this one for some hours, but I ended up […]

SaTechDay: Samsung Galaxy S7

I’m not gonna lie. Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge really impressed me and made me happy mostly because they push the technologies in smartphones even further. This will result in their competitors (by which I mean mostly Apple) improve their phones (the iPhone) and continue on progressing the technology by setting new standards. I have […]

SaTechDay: UAG iPhone 6 case

I’ve been searching for a good iPhone 6 case since I’ve got my iPhone. A slim yet durable case was what I wanted, but after a long time of seeking, it seemed nothing more than a dream.Until one day, when stumbled upon this case, which doesn’t only look good, is slim, it is also very protective.It is […]