5 rules of happiness!

I'm in the middle of a major cleaning in my emails .... which is not easy at all and through these emails, I found these five rules of happiness that I've sent to myself 4 YEARS AGO! Anyway, I thought to post them here so that I'll remember even though those emails are being thrown … Continue reading 5 rules of happiness!


Feel like blogging. Part II

Chapter I: Things Things. Let's talk about how are things viewed as in our society. On one hand things should be on the second place. Feelings, thoughts and sentiments should be the main focus every single day. On the other hand, things like a good phone, a good car, good clothes, a good bed, good … Continue reading Feel like blogging. Part II

Let’s talk about goals & achievements

I've been playing the Watch Dogs games like crazy in the last month. Every game on XBOX has a list of achievements that give players points and they're called Gamerscore. When unlocking an achievement, there is a weirdly satisfying popping noise that announces you that you have unlocked it, how much is it worth and … Continue reading Let’s talk about goals & achievements