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Relax day

The hungover day always sucks, but we didn’t want to waste the day and the very good weather, so we went out in the city to hang out, did a bit of shopping and then went with a boat on a canal. On the watee, turned out to be much more fun and cool than […]

Saving Memories

The best way of saving memories gathered in thousands of photos and videos is to make a mini-movie with the most important ones. This is what I did with the photos and videos from my latest vacation and I what intend to do so from now on. For now, I already started preparing the footage […]

Went shooting

Today me and my cousin went shooting from air rifles. The shooting range looked modern and very cool, the rifles did as well, but the feeling that I got while shooting was very different from what I expected. Firstly, the air rifles are very quiet and don’t have a kickback whatsoever. Secondly, aiming to a […]

Amsterdam: The meeting

I’ve had the pleasure of going on a quick road-trip and visited two cities: Haarlem and Amsterdam, both for the first time. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful buildings and landscapes, both cities giving me an welcoming feeling and I’ve learned a lot about what they have to offer, especially Amsterdam. I’ve heard of it a […]

Visited a “DAF” factory

Today, during a lesson at university, we had the chance of visiting different companies. Unfortunately I found out about it pretty late and I chose DAF because it was a better choice than the other remaining company. We’ve got to see how are trucks build from ground up (a process which takes about 18 hours) […]

New NYC wallpaper

New York looks amazing from every angle. #wishIcouldfly

A full day.

This day started very very early for me and it contained a lot of surprises, both good and bad. A new route home, a new roommate, a rejection, some gym action, fifa fun and the night hasn’t started yet. I hope that the next days will be at least as busy as today. Breathe in […]