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Review by order of the Peaky Blinders

By order of the Peaky Blinders, the world is a crueler and a scarier place to live in. However, this series, which is awesome in all the ways, is based on real events, describing and depicting the early 1920’s. For someone who isn’t really well familiar with the world in those times, the show is both […]

Eurovision SF 1

The first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest was ok, boring at times and very sad in the end, when Moldova didn’t go through to the Final. The show was of high standards for most of the countries, but my the ones that I liked the most were Armenia, Malta, Czech Republic and Azerbaijan. Good show, […]

“House of Cards” Frenzy

Today I went on a frenzy with the House of Cards TV show, watching the last three episodes from the second season and the first three from the third season. It doesn’t seem many, but with episodes lasting approx. 50 min each, it took me half of this day. It got me very confused and […]

House of Cards

Two days ago I’ve started watching House of Cards, and so far I like it … a lot. Power is everything and always will be, and this TV Show pictures it brilliantly. I noticed that I’ve got a lower pitch in my voice after I watch it … I involuntarily try to sound like Francis. […]

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Arrow – Season 3 restart

Four days ago I have started watching the third season of Arrow again and it reminded me how much I liked the first two seasons. Although kind of silly for the most of the time, Arrow with it’s comic book style of screenplay, is one of my favourite tv shows so far. Like the previous two seasons, […]

Listen to Suits – The Album

A couple of days ago, I have created a playlist with the best songs from the “Suits” TV Series, and now it is available for everyone to hear on SoundCloud! There are some tracks missing, I couldn’t find them on SoundCloud and I couldn’t upload them unfortunately either, but the playlist is still cool: Listen to: […]