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HITMAN: 8/10

The new Hitman series is magnificent.After my failed attempt at Absolution (which I quit playing after a couple of hours), Hitman (2016) is indeed my first game ever (from start to finish) and I loved it. It was quite a challenge at first and I’m not going to lie, it was kind of annoying not knowing what to do at all times, but that was until I found out about challenges and more importantly opportunities, which have drastically changed my approach, turning every mission into a pleasant and unforgettable experience. I bought it for $20 from Best Buy and in my book that’s a steal for such a stunning looking game. The only downside is Hitman’s robotic-looking running action and repetitive actions, that I’ve got to admit felt redundant at some point.

Far Cry 5: 9/10

More of what Far Cry fans love. That’s the best way I can describe the latest Far Cry game. Same goofy mechanics and style of missions that we’ve been accustomed to since the third game … the similar main villains, the same grind with recovering territories by freeing outposts and civilians, very similar combat and shooting mechanics, and I loved it all. It was weird and at the same time very refreshing to find myself smiling and constantly laughing, especially after a very intense and very serious experience with RDR 2, so Far Cry 5 offers hours upon hours of fun.



Red Dead Redemption 2: 8/10

Rockstar has done it again. Played us like fools. Same kind of GTA missions, absolutely nothing revolutionary. I’m bored. It looks amazing, the attention to detail is uncanny, it’s just … I thought it would be a completely new experience, but it isn’t. I guess if it were to compare Red Dead Redemption 2 to other games, especially by Rockstar Games, then it’s a 10/10, but for me it’s just a refined style of the same familiar and not surprising at all game that follows the same “go there, do that” pattern. At the same time it’s what made them so ridiculously loved and adored, and it would have been … Read More