Theo Hernández is an exciting 19-year-old French left-back, who can easily become Real Madrid’s first choice in the future. From what I have seen on Youtube, he impresses with his dribbling, speed, and smart choices during the match. He is similar to Dani Carvajal, who plays on the other side of the defensive line, in […]

  After 13 years at Manchester United, today, official photos with England’s Legend, Wayne Rooney wearing Everton’s shirt, have appeared on the internet. Rooney’s been one of the best strikers in England for nearly a decade and to see him leave now, makes me feel both happy and sad at the same time. First of all, […]

Victor Lindelöf is a 22-year-old defensive midfielder, who has signed for United at the beginning of this summer’s transfer window. From what I have seen on youtube he has a very good vision for both defensive and attacking play, as he can very easily destroy enemies’ chances or create opportunities to his team. He reminds me […]

Jesús Vallejo is not a known name in the world of football, however, he is an exciting centre-back who has been signed by Real Madrid back in 2015. He has been loaned out since then in Germany, where he has proven himself and undoubtedly has improved. Vallejo has been brought back as a replacement for […]

It’s official, Romelu Lukaku has signed for Manchester United. The greatest club in England will pay around £75m + add-ons and he’ll be a United player once personal terms are agreed. Wayne Rooney will go the other way, and that is unfortunate, because he is truly one of the greatest legends that Manchester United will […]

It took me 28 hours to finish the main story and to complete 83% of the game. Today, I ended Watch Dogs 2, a game which turned out to be much more awesome than I expected. After being bored to death in the first Watch Dogs, mainly because of all the side missions that seemed […]