Shoes are just pieces of apparel and I have never given them much importance or attention since I was a little kid. This changed when I found myself in Foot Locker one day, not looking for anything in particular and saw these very cool looking shoes. I tried them on and instantly, compared to the […]

The Alchemist is undoubtedly one of the most popular books and for good reasons. I have finished it on the 18th of January in just 24 hours and part of it was what I anticipated but a huge part wasn’t. I have learned little from it, unexpectedly, as most of the major lessons were known to […]

It’s the first time when I’m doing two book reviews in the same day. Earlier today I’ve published my thoughts about Dan Brown’s Origin and this evening I’m thrilled to lay out my impressions about what is entitled “The Bestselling Mystery of all Time” as it says so on the cover. The book is not long, 263 […]

“Fear nothing but to waste the present moment.” – Dan Brown (Origin) This book came out almost two months ago and I didn’t even know about it. About a month ago, I randomly walked into Barnes & Noble as I was in the area and as soon as I saw it standing just in front […]

Dan Brown’s Origin is simply awesome.